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A Quick Trip

My family and I took a quick trip to Vancouver Island last week. I was hopping to come home with heaps of cameras, but sadly that didn't happen. I did make it back with 4 new ones though and one of them is an awesome 35mm f/2.8 point and shoot. Those cameras will make it on to the store sometime soon.

I'm back in Kelowna now and back to work. There are loads of cameras in the studio right now waiting in the wings. I've posted a few cameras yesterday and today and many more will be coming on this week. A big camera photoshoot will be happening tomorrow so expect to see some great new film cameras popping up on the shop. We got some rangefinders, point and shoots and I've decided to sell one of my personal favourite SLR's. Keep a look out and hopefully you'll find a camera here that is perfect for you.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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